(Bloomberg) -- UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt outlined plans to boost productivity ahead of next week’s annual budget. 

The new plans, representing total investment of £800 million ($1 billion), will deliver as much as £1.8 billion of benefits by 2029, according to a statement released by the Treasury late Saturday. They include spending on technology to free up thousands of police officer hours spent on administrative duties; upgrades to MRI scanners that will allow patients to receive test results more quickly; and increased use of artificial intelligence. 

“We shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking more spending buys us better public services,” Hunt said in the statement. “There is too much waste in the system and we want public servants to get back to doing what matters most: teaching our children, keeping us safe and treating us when we’re sick.”

Hunt is promoting increased productivity as an alternative to boosting spending on public services. The Chancellor is under pressure to deliver eye-catching tax cuts to give pre-election support to his ailing Conservative Party when he delivers his annual budget on March 6. But he faces a difficult balancing act, hamstrung by the fragility of the UK public finances. 

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