(Bloomberg) -- Brits’ Christmas dinner will be the most expensive in at least a decade as the cost of everything from poultry to Yorkshire pudding soars.

Prices for a typical holiday meal, including turkey, pork and vegetables, are up more than 22% from last year, according to researcher Mintec Ltd.’s Christmas dinner index. That reflects turmoil in markets from agriculture to energy following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as a severe bird-flu outbreak in the UK.

“Inflation has had a severe impact on the food industry, with tighter margins for producers caused by rising input costs,” Mintec said Friday in a statement. The firm’s data go back as far as 2012.

British households are facing the worst cost-of-living crisis in a generation, with inflation at a 41-year high. Those including meat in their Christmas dinner have to contend with a 39% year-on-year jump in the price of pork and a 30% increase in the cost of turkey.

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Consumers opting for a vegan meal also face a costlier spread, with Mintec’s plant-based Christmas dinner index up by almost 14%.

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