(Bloomberg) -- Uber Technologies Inc. is expanding into a trio of popular Mediterranean islands as it prepares for a sharp rebound in post-pandemic travel.

The San Francisco-based ride hailing giant will offer its rides service on Sicily, Malta and Santorini this summer, according to a statement, with further islands in Greece and Spain to be added in the coming months. Uber is also rolling out its explore product for booking activities to Madrid in the first overseas expansion for that offering.

The company’s data show travel rebounding sharply, with leisure touring rising faster than corporate trips, said Anabel Diaz, Uber’s general manager for rides in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Through April, airport trips had nearly fully recovered across Europe compared to the same period in 2019, rising more than five times year-on-year.

“The reality is what we see today is the demand is actually exceeding expectations,” Diaz said in an interview. 

The explore offering, which lets users book restaurant reservations and tourist attractions in the Uber app, may also roll out to further cities after it’s tested in Madrid, she said.

Both moves come against the backdrop of a broader expansion in Uber’s offering, such as earlier in May, when it debuted a new travel service. It’s also adding local taxis to its platform. 

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