(Bloomberg) -- The UK’s Thames Water said there was no water contamination in south London after customers reported feeling unwell.

Thames Water — which serves about a quarter of the UK population, including London — said tests carried out after some local residents reported falling ill in the Sydenham area had come back clear. Problems were first reported by the Observer newspaper.

“We can confirm there are no failures from the Central Sydenham water zone,” a spokesperson said.

More than 100 people in Devon in the southwest of England became sick earlier this month, with the UK’s Health Security Agency confirming an outbreak of cryptosporidium, caused by a parasite which can lead to diarrhea, sickness and dehydration. Thousands of residents were advised to boil their water, triggering widespread anger with the region’s supplier, South West Water.

Thames Water is separately at the center of a crisis over its finances and may have to be taken into special administration by the government.

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