The head of Russia’s space agency said it’s working on plans with China on ways to deliver and install a nuclear power plant on the moon by 2035.

“Today we are seriously considering the project,” Yury Borisov, general director of Roscosmos, said during a Tuesday lecture to students, according to the Interfax news service. 

Borisov said the power plant would need to be built by robots. 

In 2021, Russia and China presented a road map for building a scientific station on the moon by the end of 2035. According to a Tass news service report, the plan for the project includes technical lunar rovers for research, a jumping robot and several smart mini-rovers designed to explore the surface of Earth’s satellite.

Borisov also said Russia was against the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, echoing President Vladimir Putin who earlier denied U.S. allegations about the Kremlin’s plans for such arms. 

“Of course, space should be free of nuclear weapons,” Borisov said according to Interfax.