(Bloomberg) -- The US Supreme Court turned away two vaccine-related appeals from Children’s Health Defense, the group founded by immunization skeptic and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The justices left intact a federal appeals court decision that said the group and five parents lacked legal standing to challenge the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency approval of Covid-19 vaccines for children.

The high court also turned away contentions, pressed by Children’s Health Defense and 13 students, that Rutgers University violated the Constitution by making vaccination against Covid a condition of attending classes in the fall of 2021. 

Kennedy, who is on leave as the chairman and chief legal officer of Children’s Health Defense, was listed as one of the lawyers pressing the appeal in the Rutgers case.

The justices didn’t request a response from either the FDA or Rutgers, signaling they weren’t seriously considering accepting either appeal. Both rejections came without comment or public dissent. 

The cases are Children’s Health Defense v. FDA, 23-1161, and Children’s Health Defense v. Rutgers, 23-1222.

The court separately refused to hear a challenge to Connecticut’s 2021 elimination of its religious exemption for school vaccinations. The move, which Connecticut says was a needed response to declining vaccination rates, made it one of six states without a religious opt-out.

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