(Bloomberg) -- Poland’s President Andrzej Duda called for de-escalation of a dispute with Ukraine, saying it shouldn’t overshadow economic cooperation between the two nations.

“I don’t believe that one political and legal dispute can ruin the achievements you’ve made,” Duda told a Polish-Ukrainian business summit in Poznan on Friday. “I have no doubt that the dispute over the supply of grain is a small fraction of what constitutes Polish-Ukrainian relations and it shouldn’t affect them in any real way.”

Duda’s remarks follow a week of tensions between the two neighbors sparked by Poland’s decision to impose a unilateral ban on grain imports to appease restive farmers. The ruling party in Warsaw is counting on the important constituency ahead of a tightly-contested parliamentary election on Oct. 15. 

Duda told business it should continue supporting Ukraine and to rely on “huge amount of capital and interpersonal bonds” the war in Ukraine created among both nations. He said that the political disagreement reflects mainly “a time of great emotions.”

Poland has been a staunch supporter of its eastern neighbor since Russian invasion began in February last year. It offered the biggest aid to refugees among all countries, according to Kiel Institute’s data, and transfered much of its older, mostly post-Soviet military equipment to Ukraine.

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