(Bloomberg) -- Poland’s foreign minister warned of “profound consequences” for US alliances across the globe if Congress fails to approve more than $60 billion in proposed assistance to Ukraine.

Opposition from Republicans close to Donald Trump has held up aid for the war-ravaged country for months. A dearth of ammunition has left Ukraine’s forces increasingly outgunned as the war with Russia enters its third year with no end in sight.

“If the supplemental doesn’t go through and US allies are disappointed and get the idea that the United States might not be able to help even if the commander-in-chief wants to help you, that would have profound consequences for all of American alliances around the world,” the minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Balance of Power.”

 “Some countries will start hedging, and others will be considering developing their own nuclear weapons programs,” he added.

The admonition from Poland’s top diplomat comes as European Union member states also struggle to provide Ukraine with ammunition. The EU has already delayed its goal to provide the country with 1 million shells until the end of the year from March. Europe is getting close, though, Sikorski said, putting the current capacity at about 850,000 shells.

Sikorski has also lashed out against a recent remark from Trump that he would encourage Russia to attack a NATO country that fails to deliver on its military spending commitments to the alliance. The minister said Warsaw was spending more than 3% of economic output on defense, topping the military alliance’s 2% goal. 

NATO’s mutual defense pledge has been invoked only once so far — after the Sept. 11 attacks in the US — “and we all rallied around it,” Sikorski said. “Poland sent a brigade to Ghazni, a tough province in Afghanistan — and we didn’t send an invoice to Washington. A military alliance is not a neighborhood security company.”

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