(Bloomberg) -- Mexico’s 2024 election is by far the most violent since 2018, with 749 people connected to the races affected by political violence that ranges from threats to kidnappings and murders. 

The violence include 316 incidents involving candidates, of which 34 were murdered from September to May, according to the most recent report by Mexico City-based consultancy Integralia. In all, 231 people connected to the election have been murdered. 

The number of victims of political violence ahead of Sunday’s national elections is up 151% compared to the 299 victims in the 2021 election.

“This process was marked by the intervention of organized crime through political violence. It is likely that this violence will continue during these days and during election day, with the purpose of mobilizing or inhibiting the vote,” Integralia said in the report. 

Mexico is headed for its largest-ever elections on June 2, with 20,367 posts on the ballot, including the president, Mexico City’s mayor, eight governorships and 628 congressional seats, in addition to numerous local positions. 

The most dangerous states are Guerrero, Chiapas and Puebla with 105, 88 and 68 victims of political violence respectively, according to Integralia.

The violence can be expected to continue, according to Armando Vargas, consultant at Integralia who coordinated the report. 

“Between Monday and Tuesday there have been more records of violent incidents, it is likely that we will see attempts to intervene in polling stations,” said Vargas. 

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