(Bloomberg) -- One of the world’s busiest land checkpoints is set to become less congested as Malaysians traveling to Singapore on factory buses will be able to clear immigration through QR code.

Under the new system, workers on factory buses will generate a QR code from a mobile application and officials will scan the code for each traveler. To be implemented in June, the new system applies to immigration complexes linked to the causeways between Singapore and Malaysia’s Johor, Channel News Asia reported, citing Johor’s committee on works, transportation and infrastructure.

Part of a January deal to implement a special economic zone between Johor and Singapore, the QR code plan will ease travel for hundreds of thousands of passengers crossing the causeway daily for work, education, business and family reasons. Wait times usually stretch to hours during busy periods. 

It follows a similar measure in Singapore, where starting March, passengers in a single car have been able to scan one QR code for clearance, a move welcomed by travelers as it drastically cut time spent for immigration clearance. 

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