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Out in the Saudi desert a new mega city is rising from the sand, a 170 km metropolis which Keller Group says has the potential to generate contract revenue in the hundreds of millions of pounds in coming years.

NEOM is a new city being built from the ground up, stretching from the Gulf of Aqaba, continuing through the Sharma Valley all the way to the upper valley region, Keller Group said in a statement Monday. The first stage of the project is known as ‘The Line’, an area divided into 135 modules, each containing 8 buildings for a total of over 1,000 structures.

Keller has signed an umbrella Framework Agreement for work on The Line, and is getting ready for the first works order. Keller estimates this work will have a value of around £50m, which it expects to complete within the next 12 months.

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The company says it is “well positioned to participate in the future geotechnical work,” which has the potential to generate even greater revenue as the dream of the city becomes realised.

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