(Bloomberg) -- A renewable energy initiative, whose members include Apple Inc., Meta Platforms Inc. and Nike Inc., called on Japan to triple its capacity of clean electricity as the country reviews its national energy strategy. 

The initiative known as RE100 suggested that the nation increase its installed capacity of renewable power to 363 gigawatts by 2035 from 121 gigawatts in 2022, according to a statement on Tuesday. 

Other recommendations include policies to promote transparent and fair electricity prices, improve access to physical and virtual corporate power purchase agreements, prioritize grid upgrades to expedite renewable projects to come online and mobilization of public and private investment. 

The proposals come at a time when Japan is reviewing its national energy strategy, which could dictate its power mix beyond 2030. The country is among the most difficult markets for RE100 member firms to procure renewable energy due to high cost and lack of supply, the group said in a recent report. 

Global companies like Amazon.com Inc. have also said that Japan remains a challenging market for firms to obtain renewable energy in order to meet the demands of their investors and consumers. 

“It’s clear that some of the largest corporates in the world are crying out for renewables,” said Ollie Wilson, head of RE100 at Climate Group, a non-profit organization leading the initiative. RE100 will seek meetings with Japanese government officials, including the trade minister who oversees energy policies, Wilson said at a press briefing Monday. 

Japanese policymakers say the country’s geography — lots of mountains and isolation as an island nation — makes it more difficult and costly to develop large-scale renewable energy projects. 

While the government is eyeing offshore wind as a way to expand renewables, the lack of a continental shelf in surrounding seas means the country is looking to develop and harness floating turbine technology. 

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