(Bloomberg) -- Rain will continue to fall across southern Florida and Miami, which may lead to additional flooding throughout the region. “The threat of heavy rain is expected to slowly diminish across southern Florida through the next couple of days, as a low pressure center moves northeast,” the National Weather Service said. However it is likely additional thunderstorms will break out across the region later Friday.Record rains and widespread flooding have hit the area in the past week, causing Governor Ron DeSantis to declare an emergency.There is a 20% chance the larger system causing this will move off the US East Coast and become a tropical system in the next week.

In other weather news:US West: Dry, windy conditions will raise fire risks across parts of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico on Friday, the US Storm Prediction Center said. In addition there is a chance of dry thunderstorms across Arizona. With these storms, the air is so dry rain evaporates before it can hit the ground even as lightning strikes. The fire risk will continue through Saturday and become more pronounced mainly in Arizona to start next week. Red flag fire warnings have been posted in western Nevada and parts of New Mexico.Tropic: In addition to a system moving off Florida, a second potential storm may be brewing in the Bay of Campeche in the southern Gulf of Mexico, a region where Pemex has some offshore energy operations. The area will likely see a low pressure system that has a 40% chance of becoming a tropical system in the coming week, the US National Hurricane Center said.

India: Thursday’s highest temperature was 47.2C (117F) at Buxar in the state of Bihar, the India Meteorological Department said. Potentially very heavy rainfall is likely to continue over Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim and Northeast India during the next four to five days, the weather agency said. Heat wave conditions are likely to continue over northern parts of India over the same period. 

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