(Bloomberg) -- Europe is set to receive its usual Russian gas supplies on Friday, despite fears among market participants that they would be halted if payments to Gazprom PJSC were inhibited.

Over 40 million cubic meters of Russian gas are booked to transit through Ukraine on Friday via the Sudzha entry point, according to official grid data, in line with the usual amounts. That indicates the Russian gas giant’s export arm has received money for supplies by the 20th day of the month — which corresponds to previous payment deadlines.

The concern over flows from Russia stems from a ruling last week, which awarded German utility Uniper SE more than €13 billion ($13.9 billion) in damages for undelivered Gazprom cargoes. A key concern is that payments from Gazprom’s European importers, such as Austria’s OMV AG, could be seized as part of the compensation. 

“OMV is currently not aware of any irregularities in our gas supplies to Austria,” the company said when asked whether it had transferred its June 20 payment for Gazprom deliveries received at the border. Gazprom didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the payment was received.

Austria and Slovakia are the main remaining importers of Russian pipeline gas in Europe after Gazprom throttled deliveries to Germany and other countries two years ago. An eventual cut to those flows would make the region even more reliant on liquefied natural gas, a prospect which has sparked jitters in Europe’s gas market.

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