(Bloomberg) -- European Union farmers have asked the EU parliament to limit the free trade measures put in place in solidarity with Ukraine that they say are endangering the bloc’s economies and its single market.

An EU commission met on Wednesday without approving a proposed text that would change terms of the so-called Autonomous Trade Measures, according to a joint statement by groups representing several agricultural groups. “It is now imperative for the European Parliament to take action.”

“Without a more strategic outlook, Europe faces a double setback,” the statement said. “On the one hand, disruptions to the domestic market which are most likely set to intensify, while on the other, Ukraine’s traditional markets being replaced by Russian cereals and products.”

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The special measures were granted to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion and liberalize trade, including a suspension of import duties, quotas and trade defense measures for imports from Ukraine. Over the past few months, they’ve been part of several grievances being aired by farmers across the EU.

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“Should the text remain unamended also by the European Parliament, the economic sustainability of the EU’s poultry meat, eggs, sugar, grain, and honey sectors will be endangered,” the joint statement added.

The statement was signed by trade associations representing among others the bloc’s poultry, sugar and corn producers.


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