(Bloomberg) -- Brazil central bank workers said they halted a three-month long strike that delayed the publication of economic data and analyst surveys that are closely watched by investors.

The workers’ union said it will stop the strike after a July 4 deadline passed preventing new civil servant wage hikes from coming into effect this year, according to a statement on Tuesday. In separate remarks, the central bank said the release of economic reports will resume as soon as possible.

President Jair Bolsonaro has faced pressure for public servant salary increases as elections near and inflation runs above 11%. The administration has agreed to measures including boosting social program Auxilio Brasil and directing money to fuel subsidies to soften the blow from surging consumer prices.

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The union said it was successful in proposing ways to restructure employees’ career paths with measures that do not involve salaries. They are also considering new protest methods that could be carried out in coming weeks.

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