(Bloomberg) -- The sinking of the Braskem SA mine in the Brazilian city of Maceio is accelerating dramatically and is on alert “as a collapse risk,” the city’s Civil Defense warned.

The rock salt mine is now sinking at a rate of 0.54 centimeters an hour or 13 centimeters (5 inches) a day, the authorities said in a statement. That’s the fastest rate in a week.

On Nov. 30, Maceio, in the country’s northeast, declared a state of emergency for 180 days due to the risks associated with the mine, which has been inactive since 2019. The neighborhood of Bom Retiro was added by Civil Defense to the areas affected by the sinking. 

Earlier Saturday, Latin America’s largest petrochemical company said it’s reviewing a request by the Maceio municipal government to reopen discussions on damages from a cluster of mines built deep under the city as the crisis worsens.

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