(Bloomberg) -- RapidSOS, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to help emergency response teams, raised a $75 million investment led by BlackRock Inc. funds.

The fresh capital brings the company’s latest round to a total of $150 million, it said on Tuesday. RapidSOS will use the funds to further develop its intelligent safety systems that help direct firefighters and other emergency response personnel to the right location quicker.

The New York-based startup combines data from more than 540 million connected devices, including smartphones and gadgets in US homes, schools, trains, cars and buildings to more than 16,000 public safety agencies and nearly a million first responders. It deploys AI to package the data into a readable format that emergency personnel can use in operations.

“We have millions of connected devices everywhere and yet, we have first responders going in blind when there’s a school shooting or a train on fire,” founder Michael Martin, 37, said over a video call. “We are trying to build the Copilot for 911,” he said, referring to the Microsoft Corp. assistants.

Over 200 companies including technology, consumer, logistics and education firms provide data for the RapidSOS system. Customers include railroad operator Norfolk Southern Corp. for whom RapidSOS is building a custom solution that combs through and shares information including trains’ exact location and what is in each rail car.

Owners of Apple Inc. iPhones and Google Android smartphones in the US, if they opt in, automatically share data during an emergency call through RapidSOS, including their location, caller ID, medical information, and any detected emergency, such as a fall or car crash.

Last year, the startup’s platform processed over three billion data feeds that helped operational teams and first responders manage 171 million emergencies, covering an area with over 99% of the US population. RapidSOS has spent over a decade and $250 million dollars in research and development for its product.

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