(Bloomberg) -- German insurance giant Allianz SE sees annual buyback announcements as the best way to implement its capital distribution policy, Chief Financial Officer Claire-Marie Coste-Lepoutre said Friday.

“We would have a preference for share buybacks on a yearly basis,” Coste-Lepoutre said Friday on Bloomberg TV. The move would allow Allianz “to better manage in terms of capital deployment and also allows us to return to the market what is best returned to the market more on a yearly basis.”

Over the past few years, Allianz has sometimes unveiled several buyback programs in a year as part of a strategy to top up regular dividends with additional investor payouts when convenient. While the company has returned about €40 billion ($43.3 billion) to investors since 2017, the somewhat unpredictable nature of the programs has led some analysts to call for more regular announcements. 

Allianz yesterday presented its latest buyback program, worth as much as €1 billion, while stepping up its dividend policy. Regular payouts will increase to 60% of net income from 50%, it said in a release on Thursday.

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