(Bloomberg) -- A “breakthrough” in US-Chinese trade relations will not determine the outcomes of a review of existing US tariffs on Chinese goods, Deputy US Trade Representative Sarah Bianchi said in an interview with Reuters.

The US is using an “analytical approach” in its examination of whether to keep tariffs placed on Chinese goods by former US President Donald Trump, she said, adding that the US is “not assuming” that any breakthrough will happen.

US duties range from 7.5% to 25% on thousands of products, including vehicles, semiconductors, and many types of electronics. The tariffs were imposed after a USTR investigation found that China was violating US intellectual property and forcing US companies to transfer technology as a precondition to doing business in China.

Bianchi told Reuters it was “reasonable” to expect that USTR would complete the review by the end of 2023.

Senior trade officials from both countries met this week in Washington as US President Joe Biden seeks to restore high-level dialog with Beijing.

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