(Bloomberg) -- Several US cities across the Midwest posted record warm days on Monday, the National Weather Service said.

The highs for March 4 were set in Aurora and Rockford in Illinois, Milwaukee, Toledo, Ohio and Detroit among other areas. The warmth stretched as far east as Buffalo, which also set a record for the date, with readings of 72F (22C).

Across the US, the highest temperature on Monday was 88F is in three Texas cities: Rio Grand Village, Castolon and Lesley. The lowest reading was -28F in Peter Sinks, Utah. The US Weather Prediction Center, which provided the data, notes the records are preliminary and may change as more stations report. 

Winter storm warnings and weather advisories remain in place across parts of Northern California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, the weather service said. Across the Great Plains there is an elevated risk of fire conditions in Nebraska and South Dakota.

Winds will be relatively calmer around the Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas -- the state's largest -- for the next few days, the weather service said. Later in the week the region may get some showers.

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