(Bloomberg) -- US Army ammunition and equipment inventories aren’t yet being strained by supplying both Israel and Ukraine the Army’s top weapons buyer said Thursday, although he warned that could change as the conflicts drag on. 

“We’ve done munitions of many types, for everything from helicopters to artillery” for Israel, Douglas Bush, assistant secretary for acquisition, said at a conference in Washington. “But nothing where it was so far, at least, a direct competition with what was already planned to go to Ukraine.”

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“As this goes longer, such circumstances could occur,” he said at the event, hosted by Defense One, a national security and defense news provider.

Bush said the US has been providing Israel equipment stockpiles through the Foreign Military Sales program, which Israel pays for, and don’t overlap with the supplies going to Ukraine under the so-called Presidential Drawdown Authority, which allows the White House to transfer existing US stocks of weapons. 

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The Army has only about $1 billion remaining in replacement funding for the existing drawdown authority, he said, with additional funds in President Joe Biden’s supplemental funding request, which is jammed up in Congress.

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