(Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump’s contempt-of-court saga in New York continues -- even after he paid a $110,000 fine for failing to turn over records in an investigation of his business by the state attorney general.

A longtime assistant to the former president must provide satisfactory answers to a number of detailed questions to lift the contempt order, a lawyer for New York Attorney General Letitia James said Monday in a letter to a judge. James is probing potentially fraudulent asset valuations at Trump’s sprawling real-estate company.

Trump was held in contempt last month for failing to fully comply with a subpoena of documents in his personal possession relevant to the investigation. The former president had argued that he had no such records to hand over, but the judge handling the case said his explanation of the search was insufficient.

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Andrew S. Amer, serving as special counsel to James, said in Monday’s letter that he subpoenaed Trump assistant Rhona Graff and that she will sit for a May 31 deposition. A previous filing by Graff fell short because it didn’t answer important questions, including a description of the Trump Organization’s preservation of documents that “are the key focus” of James’s investigation, according to the letter.

“We will explore these and other issues with Ms. Graff,” Amer wrote. He said he will report to the court on June 1 whether her testimony meets the requirements for Trump to come one step closer to getting the order lifted.

Amer also said a second submission by Meredith McIver failed to satisfy the requirements because, according to the letter, she has confirmed that she was never Mr. Trump’s executive assistant. Lawyers for Trump failed to contact any of 12 other people identified as an assistant to Trump other than Graf, Amer wrote.

“It is striking that counsel could not locate any of Mr. Trump’s 12 former executive assistants,” Amer wrote in the letter. “Presumably the Trump Organization has a last known address and contact number for each of these individuals.”

Alina Habba, a lawyer representing Trump, didn’t immediately respond to phone and email messages after regular business hours.

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