(Bloomberg) -- Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk couldn’t have been more clear in his message to investors: Tesla is now an artificial intelligence company.

“If somebody doesn’t believe Tesla’s is going solve autonomy, I think they should not be an investor in the company,” Musk said Tuesday during the carmaker’s first-quarter earnings call. “But we will. And we are.”

Musk spent much of his prepared remarks and the Q&A touting the company’s autonomous vehicle and artificial intelligence plans. He outlined a previously stated vision in which which the company will operate millions of EVs in a fleet of robotaxis similar to a ride hailing company such as Uber Technologies Inc. 

Consumers will have the option, Musk said, to rent out their own Tesla vehicles for rides, an arrangement similar to home-sharing platform Airbnb Inc.

The company also confirmed in investor presentation materials that a dedicated robotaxi will be one of its future products. The company plans to reveal more details about its dedicated robotaxi in August. 

“Our purpose-built robotaxi product will continue to pursue a revolutionary ‘unboxed’ manufacturing strategy,” Tesla said, referring to its planned new vehicle production system intended to slash assembly costs in half.

Licensing FSD 

Musk also hinted at another expansion of its self-driving capabilities, saying Tesla was in talks with one other automaker to license its so-called Full Self Driving, or FSD, features. The advanced driver-assistance software currently requires attentive drivers to have their hands on the steering wheel.

Musk at the end of the analyst call reiterated that investors should experience FSD themselves, if indeed they want to be a shareholder.

“I once again would just likely to strongly recommend that anyone, who is I guess thinking about the Tesla stock, should really drive” FSD’s latest version, Musk said. “It is impossible to understand the company if you do not do this.”

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