(Bloomberg) -- Southern California Edison has agreed to buy 320 megawatts of geothermal power from a plant Fervo Energy is developing in southwest Utah. 

The two, 15-year power-purchase agreements will deliver enough energy for 350,000 homes, Houston-based Fervo said in a statement Tuesday. The initial 70-megawatt stage of the Cape Station project is expected to become operational by 2026 and the second phase will be operational in 2028.  

The deal with the Edison International unit comes as California regulators require utilities to procure 1,000 megawatts of clean energy by 2026 that will be available more often than conventional wind and solar farms. That’s spurred interest in geothermal power, which can run around the clock. 

Traditional geothermal power plants tap underground steam that can drive turbines and generate electricity around the clock. Fervo has successfully demonstrated an enhanced version of the technology that injects fluids into areas with hot, underground rocks, an approach that lets developers build plants in more places. 

“Enhanced geothermal systems complement our abundant wind and solar resources by providing critical base load when those sources are limited,” David Hochschild, chairman of the California Energy Commission, said in the statement. 

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