(Bloomberg) -- A vessel hit by a sea drone in the Red Sea last week has sunk, the UK Navy said, the second confirmed to go down since Yemen’s Houthi rebels began attacks on shipping in the region. 

The bulk commodity carrier Tutor was the first to be hit by a Houthi waterborne explosive device. After the attack last Wednesday the vessel was reportedly taking on water and its crew ultimately abandoned ship.   

“Military authorities report maritime debris and oil sighted in the last reported location,” the UK Navy said in a notice. “The vessel is believed to have sunk.”

It’s the second confirmed sinking of a ship after the Rubymar was struck and submerged in March. Another vessel that was hit last week has also been abandoned and its current status is unclear. 

The Houthis have been persistently attacking ships sailing through the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden since late last year in protest against Israel’s war with Hamas. The incidents have upended global shipping, prompting many vessels to sail thousands of miles around Africa. 

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