(Bloomberg) -- Ukraine’s return to economic growth may be thwarted by Russia’s attacks, such as a blast at the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant on Tuesday, the country’s economy minister, Yulia Svyrydenko, told Bloomberg TV in an interview.

The authorities in Kyiv blamed Russian forces for blowing up the dam, which unleashed a torrent of water that threatened to make tens of thousands of people homeless. The Kremlin denied responsibility and said Ukraine was behind the breach. 

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Rebuilding a plant of the same size as in Kakhovka may cost Ukraine $1.5 billion, according to Svyrydenko. The country also could encounter problems with irrigation for 500,000 hectares of agricultural land, she said. 

A full estimate of the damage from the destruction may be available within the next days, Svyrydenko said, without elaborating on how much money may be needed.

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