(Bloomberg) -- Video-game makers are earning more money than ever developing and distributing games on Roblox. 

In 2023, Roblox Corp. paid out a record $740.8 million to game creators, according a company filing on Wednesday, an increase of roughly 19% from the $623.9 million the year before. 

Since the launch of Roblox in 2006, developers have made millions of games for the platform, using tools provided by the company. Users can play the resulting games, with names like Escape The Butcher Shop and Toilet Simulator, across a range of desktop and mobile devices. 

By acquiring Robux, the platform’s digital currency, players can purchase all manner of digital items inside of the games like pet unicorns or stylish clothing. Currently, developers get $0.0035 for every Robux spent on their games. 

Last year, nearly a hundred Roblox titles brought in over $1 million in sales each, according to the filing. Nine generated at least $10 million. Over 12,000 developers exchanged Robux for real world currency. Some 3,500 earned over $10,000, and about 750 over $100,000. 

During Roblox’s early days, many of its games were made by enterprising kids. Stories about teenagers making hit games abound. Some 58% of players are 16 years or younger.

In recent years, Roblox has grown into such a lucrative outlet that professional game studios have emerged catering to its players. In 2022, Los Angeles-based Gamefam Studios raised $25 million to make Roblox games. 

A record 68 million average daily active users generated $3.5 billion in bookings on Roblox last year, even as players spent slightly less per person than at the peak of the pandemic. 

According to the company’s figures, Roblox’s top 10 games absorbed 30% of players’ time.

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