(Bloomberg) -- Elon Musk’s SpaceX has cooperated extensively with the US military to stop Russia’s illicit use of its Starlink satellite communication terminals in Ukraine, a Pentagon official has assured a lawmaker.

SpaceX “has been forward-leaning in providing information to support investigations and denying service” since Russia’s use of the terminals “became known several months ago,” Amanda Dory, acting undersecretary for policy, wrote Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren this month in a letter obtained by Bloomberg News.

Dory wrote that an estimated one in a hundred Starlink terminals in Ukraine were illegitimate and service had been cut to “several hundred unapproved terminals.” 

The letter reaffirmed a previous Defense Department assurance that SpaceX was helping to curb Russian military use of the terminals, which have become essential communications tools both for Ukraine’s war operations and its civilians. 

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Dory wrote that the Pentagon believes Russian forces “will adapt and persist in efforts to gain their illicit access.” Warren, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee member, has been reviewing SpaceX’s Pentagon contractual relationships and has raised questions about the Russian use of Starlink terminals in the war.

SpaceX is under a $40.5 million Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative contract through Nov. 30 to provide Starlink services, but that represents “only a small fraction of the tens of thousands of terminals donated by other countries and those purchased by Ukrainian citizens through legitimate channels,” Dory wrote.

Last month, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mikhailo Fedorov told Bloomberg News that SpaceX is “quick to respond” when needed, whether for a “technical intervention” or an emergency. As recently as early May, Starlink terminals continued to be advertised for sale in Russia. 

--With assistance from Olesia Safronova.

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