(Bloomberg) -- Hungary’s controversial Sovereignty Protection Agency is targeting Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s new political adversary in one of its first probes, fueling concerns that the organization will act as a tool of the ruling party.

The investigation will look into a newspaper report alleging attempts from abroad to influence upcoming elections in Hungary, the MTI state news service reported on Thursday, citing a statement from the agency. A spokesman for the agency confirmed the probe but declined to comment further.

While the agency doesn’t have powers to prosecute, it can work with the intelligence services in its investigations. Its creation had sent a chill among Hungarian civil society and opposition groups, while the European Union and the United States criticized the body as the latest attempt to undermine democracy.

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The article that set off the agency probe, published in pro-government newspaper Magyar Nemzet on Thursday, alleged links between Peter Magyar’s nascent opposition movement and firms registered outside Hungary. 

In a Facebook post, Magyar said the probe related to him. He didn’t address the allegations, instead pointing to Orban’s own attempts to influence elections around the Balkans and to spread his views across the EU.

Magyar, a former Orban-regime insider, staged one of the biggest opposition demonstrations since Orban’s return to power in 2010. He’s currently campaigning across Hungary after successfully registering a party to contest municipal and EU elections Hungary is holding on the same day on June 9.

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