(Bloomberg) -- Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman questioned the lure of abortion-restrictive states such as Florida and Texas after the US Supreme Court on Friday overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and wiped out the constitutional right to the procedure.

“The knowledge economy has wanted to gravitate towards big cities with highly educated populations,” Krugman said in a Bloomberg Radio interview Friday. “And now there’s going to be an additional factor, which is, if companies want the kind of workers that they can get in those locations, are they going to want to locate in the states that are going to have really regressive social policies?”

Krugman said that the court’s ruling probably won’t have a broad impact on the economy, but “there may be some regional aspect.”

“How does Texas or Florida fare in this kind of competition for business in this new legal environment?” he asked.

Before Friday’s ruling, news had emerged about two major financial firms planning expansions in Texas and Florida. 

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. plans to occupy a new office tower in Dallas that would hold thousands of employees, with incentives approved this week by the city council. Meantime, billionaire Ken Griffin is moving Citadel’s headquarters to Miami.

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