(Bloomberg) -- As the Asian Games gets into full swing in Hangzhou and citizens pack their bags for Golden Week, we look for signs of improvement in China’s economy. Here’s what’s coming up this week.

The big boost. China’s September business surveys may provide a little positive respite from the spate of weak data and property market troubles, with manufacturing PMI expected to rise back into growth for the first time since March. Any slowdown in the services and weak exports could dampen the mood. 

The big angst. The drumbeat of worry about the effect of the Fed’s higher-for-longer rate strategy continues to get louder, with some of the titans of debt joining the chorus of concern.

The big game. As hundreds of elite gamers get set to do battle in Hangzhou, representing their countries at the Asian Games, one company has already scored a victory. China’s Tencent had a hand in making or publishing four of the seven multiplayer titles that will be contested.

The big spat. The very public falling out between Canada and India over the murder of a Sikh activist intensified with the news that Canadian officials shared evidence with New Delhi that they believe links Indian agents with the death. The US is staying out of it.

The big rock. NASA is set to bring back chunks of asteroid today that could tell us about the early days of the 4.5 billion-year-old solar system and possibly the origins of water on our planet.

The big data. Thailand may raise rates by another 25 basis points. Tokyo’s inflation could cool, though the weak yen isn’t going to make that battle easy. Inflation reports will also come from Singapore, Australia and Sri Lanka.

The big threat. While the UN General Assembly continues its debates on the problems of its security council and the disturbing escalation of war and violence, we celebrate on Tuesday the UN’s International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

The big retool. As vehicles steadily turn to electric power, what will happen if you’ve built a giant empire making gasoline? Here’s a glimpse of where the big oil refiners may be headed. 

The big plan. Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is set to sketch out new economic measures this week, as polls show voters are dissatisfied with the steps he’s taken so far.

And finally, brace yourself for an influx of Chinese tourists. The “Golden Week” holiday begins on Friday.

Have an anticipant week.

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