(Bloomberg) -- Representative Marcy Kaptur, an Ohio Democrat and the fourth-longest serving lawmaker in the House, released an ad Friday criticizing President Joe Biden as she faces a tough re-election contest against Republican J.R. Majewski.

In her new ad, Kaptur lambastes Biden for “letting Ohio solar manufacturers be undercut by China,” and closes the television spot by distancing herself from her party’s leader, saying “Marcy Kaptur: She doesn’t work for Joe Biden. She works for you. I’m Marcy Kaptur and I approve this message.”

The district includes solar manufacturing plants owned by First Solar Inc., the largest US panel maker, as well as Toledo Solar Inc. The Energy Department this month announced a new solar consortium with First Solar, the University of Toledo and other entities.

The president’s party typically loses seats during their first terms in the White House. But Kaptur’s ad shows the acute challenges Democrats face in navigating Biden’s poor approval ratings with less than three months before the November elections.

Kaptur faces her toughest contest in decades. Ohio’s state legislature made her re-election path more difficult by redrawing the district to include more Republican voters. Her opponent, Majewski is a first-time candidate who won the May GOP primary and former President Donald Trump’s support after painting a 20,000-foot “Trump 2020” banner on his lawn.

Trump, who won Ohio twice by eight percentage points, endorsed Majewski in the general election race and also enlisted Majewski to speak at an Aug. 5 rally in Wisconsin. Kaptur is trying to paint herself as a serious lawmaker compared to Majewski who she criticized as “radical” for participating in the riot at the US Capitol on Jan. 6 last year. 

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