(Bloomberg) -- Snow and ice severely disrupted daily life in parts of Germany as temperatures plummeted across much of Europe.

Unseasonably cold conditions will see parts of Scandinavia touch –20C, while Berlin will experience lows of -6C on Thursday, according to forecaster Maxar Technologies.

The authorities asked residents in some areas surrounding Frankfurt to stay home and avoid forested areas on Tuesday, due to a heightened risk to life. In many places, trees fell over due to the weight of the snow and blocked roads, requiring dozens of evacuations, according to the Rheingau-Taunus district local authority. As many as 70 people were locked in their cars on one stretch of the highway, and trucks were stuck on the roads. Some school pupils and teachers had to stay in schools overnight. 

“Please do not take any walks in the forest: there is an acute danger to life from branch breakage and falling trees,” district administrator Sandro Zehner said in a statement. The German meteorological service forecast continued snowfall in parts of the country through the week.

In the UK, colder air from the north may bring wintry showers to areas along the North Sea coast as well as some inland parts of northern Britain, according to the Met Office. It also forecast some possibility of snow across the south towards the end of the week. Maxar said London and Manchester could see temperatures as low as -1.5C on Thursday and Friday.

A total of 87 heating degree days are forecast in the six to 10 day period for Europe, above both the 10 and 30 year averages, according to Maxar.

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