(Bloomberg) -- Cargill Inc., the world’s biggest crop trader, is opening an office hub in Atlanta, joining a wave of companies seeking to take advantage of the southern city’s growing tech talent.

The company’s Digital Technology and Data group will be the primary occupant of the new facility, which is scheduled to open in the fall, Cargill said in a press release Tuesday. It will hire about 400 workers in data engineering, artificial intelligence and other high-tech fields over the next few years to work in the office.

Major companies such as Microsoft Corp., Google and Visa Inc. are transforming parts of Atlanta into hubs for tech workers. Jobs have migrated to the region in recent years driven by a well-educated work force that includes Georgia Institute of Technology graduates, sustained economic growth and warm weather.

To be sure, Atlanta isn’t immune to fluctuations in the often-volatile tech sector, with the city facing one of the highest office vacancy rates in the country. 

Cargill sees expansion in the region as a key strategy for the company’s growth. It said that in addition to the leading schools and talented work force, it was also drawn to Atlanta by the “growing presence of food and agricultural companies.”

“Atlanta’s rich pool of technical talent provides unparalleled access to the expertise needed to drive our digital transformation,” said Jennifer Hartsock, Cargill’s chief information and digital officer.

She said the new facility will help create digital solutions for the global food supply chain, harness analytics and AI to open new markets, and drive innovation to make food systems more sustainable.

--With assistance from Brett Pulley.

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