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Will cooling housing prices turn consumers into penny-pinchers?

Canada’s runaway housing markets have played a big a role in making Canadians feel richer. But if price growth flattens, the so-called wealth effect could dissipate – and kick a leg out from under Canada’s economy in the process.
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Top Picks from Benj Gallander: Alacer Gold, GSE Systems, and Capstone Infrastructure
Top Picks from Benj Gallander, president, Contra The Heard Investment Letter.
Canadian millennials better off than U.S. counterparts: TD
Millennial workers have fared much better in Canada than in the United States since the global financial crisis, although their higher debt loads have left them more vulnerable to home price correction.
Automakers report higher sales of Canadian vehicles in November
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, Honda Motor Co Ltd. and General Motors Co. reported higher sales of Canadian vehicles in November, buoyed by customer demand for trucks.
American Cyber Monday sales top US$3 billion
Americans bought more than US$3 billion worth of goods on Cyber Monday, a leading survey showed, marking the biggest ever day for U.S. online sales.
Budget watchdog says Liberals' economic forecast omits election promises
The Parliamentary Budget Officer is challenging the Liberal government’s assessment of federal finances, warning that returning to surplus will be more difficult than Ottawa suggests.
Canadian start-up backed by Blackberry co-founder unveils wireless tracking technology
A Canadian start-up backed by one of BlackBerry's founders unveiled a technology on Tuesday for tracking wireless signals that it says can be used for detecting intruders, managing crowds or finding victims of natural disasters.
Top Picks from Bill Harris: AltaGas, Tourmaline Oil, and Roxgold
Top Picks from Bill Harris, partner and portfolio manager, Avenue Investment Management.
Canada manufacturing growth shrinks for fourth straight month
The pace of growth in the Canadian manufacturing sector contracted for the fourth month in a row in November as the industry continued to be hurt by weak commodity prices, data showed on Tuesday.
Trudeau's challenge after climate talks: Strategic spending
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau returns from international climate talks in Paris and will meet with Canada's premiers again in 90 days to hammer out a framework that would guide federal and provincial efforts in meeting ambitious climate-change commitments.
Union-Pearson Express train cuts some fares to entice riders
Ridership on the train to Toronto’s Pearson airport has flatlined. According to a new report, the Union-Pearson Express had a small increase in ridership when summer ended, but the number of passengers was unchanged from September to October.
Scotiabank fourth-quarter profit climbs, beats estimates
Bank of Nova Scotia reported that its profit in the fourth quarter rose to $1.8-billion, or $1.45 a share, kicking off the quarterly reporting season for the Big Six Canadian banks with results that demonstrated ongoing growth in spite of a slow Canadian economy.

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